Bad Eggs
Ludi Studios. Creator: Joe Brumm. Animation Director: Richard Jeffery. Music: Joff Bush.

Bluey The Album. CD. CRIMCD689. 2021. Demon Music Group Ltd., under license from BBC Studios Distribution Ltd and Ludo Studios. Written, produced and performed by Joff Bush & The Bluey Music Team.

Bluey Theme Tune (Instrumental Parade).
Keepy Uppy.
Here Come the Grannies!
A Message From the Fairies (John Ryan's Polka).
The Claw (Pachelbel's Canon).
Who Likes to Dance?
Bluey Theme Tune Extended.
The Weekend.
Wagon Ride.
Fruit Bat.
The Creek (Intro).

Creek is Beautiful!
I Know a Place (The Creek Song). Featuring Helena Czajka & Jazz D'Arcy..
Bluey Theme Tune.