Pictures in Paradise, Slim Dusty Enterprises. 2020.
Directed by: Kriv Stenders. Composer: Slim Dusty, Joy McKean.
CD (ST) EMI Universal. 0748837. 2020.

Prologue (Interview).
I Don’t Believe You - Small Town Romance featuring Anne Kirkpatrick.
A Lifetime On The Road (Interview) - Joy McKean.
When I First Saw the Lovelight in Your Eyes - with Joy McKean - 1995 Remaster - Slim Dusty Featuring Joy McKean.
Music & Belonging (Interview) - Troy Cassar-Daley.
The Biggest Disappointment (Acoustic) - Troy Cassar-Daley.
Learning To Sing (Interview) - Joy McKean.
Moonrise Lullaby - Remastered - Joy McKean & Heather McKean.
Slim Jumps the Shark (Interview) - Dobe Newton.
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July - 1998 Remaster - Slim Dusty.
Cinematic Songwriting (Interview) - Paul Kelly.
Indian Pacific - 1998 Remaster - Slim Dusty.
Keen Young Songwriters (Interview) - Joy McKean.
My Hometown - Joy McKean & Heather McKean.
Slim’s Courtship of Joy (Interview) - Joy McKean & Heather McKean.
What’s It Gonna Cost Me - Remastered - Joy McKean.
Kasey Chambers & Bill Chambers Interview & Walk A Country Mile Excerpt (Acoustic) - Kasey Chambers & Bill Chambers.
Touring Begins in 1954 (Interview) - Joy McKean.
Closest Thing To Freedom - Remastered 2017 - Slim Dusty.
Origins of A Pub With No Beer (Interview) - Joy McKean.
A Pub With No Beer - Soundtrack Version - Slim Dusty, Gordon Parsons.
Memories Of The Showgrounds (Interview) - Don Walker.
Whiplash - Slim Dusty.
Leaving The Showgrounds (Interview) - Joy McKean.
Losin’ My Blues Tonight - Soundtrack Version - Slim Dusty.
Writing and Performing on Country (Interview) - Gayle Kennedy.
Plains Of Peppimenarti - 1998 Remaster - Slim Dusty.
Music At Odds With The Lyrics (Interview) - Paul Kelly.
Lights On The Hill 1998 Remaster - Slim Dusty.
A Voice For Rural People (Interview) - Joy McKean.
Further Out - Slim Dusty.
Writing For Slim (Interview) - Bill Chambers.
Things are Not The Same On The Land (Acoustic) - Bill Chambers.
Simple Songs (Interview) - Missy Higgins.
The Biggest Disappointment - Missy Higgins & Dan Sultan.
Epilogue (Interview) - Joy McKean.
One Helluva Song - Slim Dusty.