Play Box VHS

ABC For Kids - Play Box. No:102500. VHS. PAL. G. 95mins. ABC Video. 2000.

Includes: Bananas In Pyjamas with ‘Walkie Talkie’ and ‘Ship Ahoy’; ‘Spot’s Favourite Toy’ and ‘Spot Makes a Cake’; The Hooley Dooleys with ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Playing In The Backyard’; Fireman Sam in ‘Treasure Hunt’; ‘Pingu and the Toy’ and ‘Pingu and the Lost Ball’; Arthur with ‘That Snow Mystery’; ‘Little Bear’s Kite’ ‘Brum Goes Ice Skating’ and Thomas and Friends in ‘Bye George’ and ‘Something In The Air’.

Let's Sing VHS

ABC For Kids - Let's Sing and Dance. No:103081. VHS. PAL. G. 70mins. ABC Video. 2001.

Includes: The Hooley Dooleys, Little Bear, Bob The Builder, Spot, Thomas the Tank Engine, Franklin, Bananas in Pyjamas.

Bumper Collection

ABC For Kids - Bumper Collection. No:101899. VHS. PAL. G. 85mins. ABC Video. 1999.

Includes: Bananas in Pyjamas, Spot, Postman Pat, Brum, Thomas, Blinky Bill, Pingu.


ABC For Kids - Favourites. No:100532. VHS. PAL. G. 80mins. ABC Video. 1997.

Includes: Bananas In Pyjamas - Chasing Tuesday, Noddy, Johnson & Friends - The Birthday Balloon, Brum, Postman Pat and Thomas.


Live in Concert


ABC for Kids - Showtime Live In Concert. G. 80 mins. ABC Video.

Video Hits 2

Video Hits


Classic Kids TV. VHS. Video. No:102158. 40mins. ABC Video. 1999.

In celebration of Australia’s classic kids television programs, Australia Post launched a Classic Kids TV stamp collection featuring four children’s favourites - Mr Squiggle, who celebrated his 40th birthday in 1999, Playschool, Humphrey B. Bear and B1 & B2.

More Favourites

ABC for Kids - Mixy Presemts More Favourites. VHS. No:101314. G. 85mins. ABC Video. 1998.

Includes: Bananas In Pyjamas - Banana Cart / Surprise Birthday, Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends and The Hooley Dooleys.

ABC for Kids - Mixy Presents TV Favourites. VHS. No: 103772. 81mins. ABC Video. 2002.

ABC for Kids - Just For Fun. DVD. 67mins. ABC Video. 2004.

Includes: Thomas and Friends, dance with Angelina, fix things with the Bananas in Pyjamas, sing with The Hooley Dooleys, build with Bob and his gang, learn with Caillou and practise tricks with The Rubbadubbers.